Vejay – from Toronto, Ont.

I have been suffering from VITILIGO for 15 years. This skin condition has no cause nor any cure. I’ve seeked several options, but heard only that it is not curable and nothing can be done about it. That left me to live my life without hope and in despair. Vitiligo not only brings disfiguration but also dismay and sorrow. Recently I saw an article on CITY TV about Brigitte Biller. Thanks CP24 for bringing this Angel in focus. I spoke with Brigitte to arrange an appointment. I was confident by seeing her passion, skills and experience which did a great job on my face, which I never imagined to see in this life.

Brigitte not only work on my disfiguration, but I must say ‘she changes lives’. I wish her every success in this Noble cause, to me she is a GOD sent Angel