Throughout my life I have struggled with skin complications. Acne, scars and pigmentation have cost me a fortune whether I’ve had to pay for makeup to cover my imperfections or pay for costly treatments ending up with disappointment due to lack of results. Majority of locations in the GTA do not accommodate my skin complexion because their lasers do not work for pigmentation on the darker skin types (including the eye areas) which lead me to feel that there was no hope in having flawless skin. Having to layer makeup at all times only made my skin and confidence take a tremendous downfall. But then a co-worker referred me to Brigitte Biller, although everyone knows her in the industry because of her life changing work I still had doubt from previous experiences. I decided to go for a consultation with Brigitte at her luxurious laser skincare clinic in Toronto,  I was welcomed with a complimentary seasons color analysis, beverages and even hors d’oeuvres. She created a custom treatment program to accommodate my concerns and future goals. Brigitte takes great pride in her work, treats her customers like family, and obtains the results you desire for a fraction of any competitor’s price. I have searched my whole life for a specialist like Brigitte Biller, and after suffering for over 10 years, I can now say that my skin is flawless, makeup free, and glowing every day after only 3 treatments. Brigitte is truly God sent, I have referred everyone I know and even have her flyers at my Law office.